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What goes in the bin?
Wondering what materials to put in your recycling bin? It's simple: containers, packaging, printed matter and newspapers.
Learn more about everything that goes in the tray on this page.
Paper and cardboard

What goes in the tray

- Newspapers, circulars, catalogs, magazines and magazines
- Sheets of paper (even with staple) and envelopes
- Boxes of cereals, frozen food, laundry soap, shoes, tubes and rolls of    cardboard, etc.

- Flattened cardboard boxes
- Cardboard rolls- File folders- Paper bags- Directories- Cartons of milk and sprouted juice
- Aseptic containers (eg Tetra Pak containers)
- Egg cartons
- Brown paper bags of groceries
- Promotional inserts
- Invoices
- Lottery Tickets
  The details

Most paper and cardboard goes into the recycling bin.
To avoid contaminating other materials, it is important not to pick up the paper / cardboard that is soaked in fat. However, if you have access to a collection of organic materials, you can put it in your brown bin.

Also, are not recyclable wax paper, stickers, wallpaper, photographic paper, metallized wrapping paper, padded envelopes, diapers and objects made of different materials such as school bags.
What goes in the tray;

Rigid plastic
- Bottle of water, juice, drink, etc.
- Bottles of oil and vinegar

- Bottles of laundry soap and bleach
- Covers and caps (left on containers)
- Pots of ice cream, margarine, yogurt (big pots and only small pots sold individually)
- Containers and packaging of food products (eg peanut butter, mayonnaise)

- Containers for strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, etc. (except plastic ones number 6)
- Containers for beauty products, personal hygiene and housekeeping
- Transparent packaging for small electronic devices
- Transparent egg containers
- Containers for ready-to-eat dishes (except plastic ones number 6)
- Containers of beauty, health and housekeeping products

 Flexible plastic
- Shopping bags
- Bags for bread, pastry or food products (clean and fat free)
- Packaging film of milk sacks, paper towels, toilet paper, etc.
The details
Almost all plastic containers and packages identified by numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 7 can be placed in the waste container. Most municipalities also accept bags and films. A little trick: you must make a bag of bags, that is to say group them in a single bag, knotted, to facilitate sorting.
Some regions in Quebec also accept polystyrene (plastic number 6), so check with your municipality.
Examples of containers and packaging that may not be accepted in the bin:

 -Coffee glasses, trays for meat, fish and vegetables, protective packaging for electronic devices
- Rigid: plastic utensils, trays (blue or black) for mushrooms, containers for individual serving of yogurt (be careful yogurt pots sold in packs of 4 or more are not generally accepted, but small pots of yogurt sold at
are generally accepted because they are made from recyclable plastic), transparent fold-down bakeware (eg croissants), mini milk and cream containers for coffee, boxes for CDs and DVDs
What goes in the tray- Bottles of wine, juice, carbonated water, etc.
- Bottles of oil and vinegar
- Pots for food and products (pot of pickles, salsa, sauce, etc.)

The details
Containers and glass containers of all shapes and colors go into the recycling bin, with or without tags. And if they are marked "Consigne Québec", they must be returned to a retailer. The materials that hinder the sorting work are rather objects that do not correspond to containers or packaging.
What goes in the tray

 - Covers and plugs
- Aluminum cans and containers not bearing the words
"-Consigne    Quebec"
- Plates, containers and foil (even if soiled)
The details
Steel and aluminum containers and packaging go into the recycling bin, except aerosol containers in some sorting centers. Aluminum cans and containers marked "Consigne Quebec" must be returned to the retailer.